Are We There Yet?

The muscial comedy

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Flying cattle class all the way Donna Wannabe and Katherine Withakay fly to Las Vegas for their big break. With a storm raging over the Atlantic they find themselves chasing connections across the globe with music from Danny Boy, Carmen, James Bond and the theme music of British Airways, to name a few. At least they are in the safe hands of Ralph Dingo, or so they think.. Hold on to your Stetsons!

'Are We There Yet?' was conceived by the girls with grateful help from: David Barnard (aka Captain Ralph Dingo), accompanist and MD extraordinaire & Dan March - wickedly funny man who directed and abused it!

  • slick and witty Bucks Herald Feb 09
  • lively and hugely entertaining.. Musically delightful, and beautifully sung, the girls also bring great humour and showmanship to each piece, in which they are aided and abetted by their skilful accompanist, David Barnard, in the role of camp cabin crew from various nations. Robbie Carnegie - Buxton Fringe Festival 08
  • ..listening to the trained voices of Dawn Foxall (mezzo) and Diana Sharp (soprano), is a delight. The humour, showmanship and interaction with the audience of all three go to make a totally enjoyable experience.. highly recommended. Linda McAlinden - Buxton Fringe Festival 09